• CU Asia 2018




    FEBRUARY 9 - 11, 2018


    Join us in February in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Penang, one of the most colourful places on Earth. Our "Colourful" theme gives a gentle nod to its host city, as well as the unified diversity of the Asia Pacific region. We honour the creative tapestry that is the coworking movement; its colourful characters, the diversity of its communities, and its all-shapes-and-sizes nature.


    "Connections" brings it back to the human, where coworking began. Our industry discussions often focus on 'work' and 'place' as we explore the rapid changes in those spheres. In 2018 we want to refocus on what matters: the quality and nature of the connections that we help make room for.

  • CU Asia 2018 is produced by CAAP

    The Coworking Association of Asia Pacific (CAAP)
    unifies, supports and promotes
    collaborative coworking across Asia Pacific.

  • And organised in partnership with Hubud and Paper and Toast

    Bali's 1st coworking space and a globally recognized hub for location-independent entrepreneurs, startups, creatives and change-makers.

    Established in 2010, Paper and Toast is the first coworking space in Malaysia.

  • Procrastination not only kills, but also costs.

    Tickets to CU Asia 2018 are already on sale, but prices go up to $100.

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    We can promise you one thing. You've never been to a conference like this before.


    Wednesday, 7 February 2018

    Location: @CAT Penang - Gat Lebuh China 16, Georgetown 10200.


    A day to celebrate, showcase and explore the Malaysia coworking and startup ecosystem and connect it directly with global partners.


    Meet your fellow coworkers from Malaysia coworking scene and beyond AND listen to stories on differences and similarities about coworking and communities in Malaysia.


    We will end the day with a cocktail hour at Scoopoint at Pengkalan Weld 46, George Town 10300




    09:00 am - 09:30 am: Registration

    09:30 am - 10:00 am: Opening

    10:00 am - 10:30 am: Breakfast and Networking


    [Coworking In Malaysia]

    10:30 am - 10:50 am: Rise of Coworking Industry in Malaysia

    10:50 am - 11:10 am: Formation of Coworking Malaysia (CAM) Alliance

    11:10 am - 11:30 am: Panel Session - Discussion of Coworking Spaces in Malaysia


    [Fireside chat with Government Representatives]

    11:30 am - 11:50 am: What is government's involvement/interest in coworking spaces?

    11:50 am - 12:10 pm: Panel session with Malaysian government representatives: Discussion about government's involvement in startup and coworking ecosystem.


    12:10 pm - 01:30 pm: Lunch


    [Design and space activation]

    01:30 pm - 01:50 pm: Coworking Space Designs

    01:50 pm - 02:10 pm: Space Activation (Value Creation)

    02:10 pm - 02:20 pm: Traditional Values of Business.

    [Startup Panels]
    02:20 pm - 02:35 pm: Startup Ecosystem in Malaysial

    02:35 pm - 02:50 pm: Presentation by Malaysian startups about entreprenuership experience in Malaysia.

    02:50 pm - 03:10 pm: Panel Session - what startups think of Coworking Spaces.


    03:10 pm - 03:30 pm: Tea/Coffee + Networking


    [Lab Session]

    03:30 pm - 05:00 pm: How to build up the coworking ecosystem in Malaysia? (Problem statement, proposed solutions, potential roadblocks)


    [After Hour]

    05:00 pm - 09:00 pm: Dinner and networking session at Scoopoint.



    Thursday, 8 February 2018

    Location: Wawasan Open University - Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah 54, Penang 10050


    Coworking Academy is a fun and focused workshop to help new or prospective spaces accelerate their learning on the Big 4 of Coworking Space: Community Engagement, Coworking Finances, Coworking Operations, and Programming & Events.


    Join us to get unstuck; ask questions to experienced operators; and take away tangible tools and templates. You can also join forces with other newbies in the field and see what magic unfolds!



    08:30 am - 09:00 am: Registration

    09:00 am - 09:15 am: Introduction to Coworking Academy 2018

    09:15 am - 10:00 am: Big Picture - Coworking Canvas by Claire Carpenter (Melting Pot)

    10:00 am - 10:30 am: Creating a Location-Appropriate Offering that Motivates People to Join Your Space: What Does the Research Tell Us? by Anita Fuzi (Cowork 7x24)

    10:30 am - 10:50 am: Tea break

    10:50 am - 11:20 am: Space Design - How to Increase Engagement & Collaboration by Laurence

    Loh (Think City)

    11:20 am - 11:50 am: Brand Narrative

    11:50 am - 01:15 pm: Lunch and Networking


    01:15 pm - 02:00 pm:

    Track 1: Community by Ashley Proctor (312 Main)

    Track 2: Build and Lead a Kick-Ass Team by Lavinia Iosub (Livit)


    02:00 pm - 02:45 pm:

    Track 1: Coliving: Trends to Know and Mistakes to Avoid by Daniel Beck (Coliving.com) and Maria Kinoshita (Nomad Coliving)

    Track 2: Coworking Tech Essentials by Ryan Chatterton (Coworking Insights)


    02:45 pm - 03:05 pm: Tea break


    03:05 pm - 03:55 pm:

    Track 1: Events: Animating Your Space

    Track 2: Coworking Partnerships: Getting Creative with Bringing in Outside Collaborators by Christoph Fahle (Betahaus)


    03:50 pm - 04:20 pm: Online Marketing for Coworking Spaces by Leanne Beesley (Coworker.com)

    04:20 pm - 04:50 pm: Scaling Beyond Your Walls by Alex Hillman (IndyHall)

    04:50 pm - 05:00 pm: Wrap Up


    Friday, 9 February 2018

    Location: Majestic Theatre - Jalan Phee Choon 31, Georgetown 10050
    Bangunan U.A.B. - Khazanah Building Penang, Gat Lebuh China 21-35, Georgetown, 10200.


    CUAsia will provide you with the opportunity to share experiences and explore the ways in which we can live, work and learn differently in the new collaborative economy.


    Now it's your time to be part of The Future Of Work!

    CU Asia Day 2 - the "Unconference"

    Saturday, 10 February 2018

    Location: Bangunan U.A.B. - Khazanah Building Penang, Gat Lebuh China 21-35, Georgetown, 10200.


    They say decisions are made by the people who show up, and an unconference is no exception. It is the ultimate participatory adventure!


    Bring your insights, concerns, queries and burning topics for discussion to these 6 unconference sessions, and help us design the day with what matters most to you.

    Excursion Day

    Sunday, 11 February 2018

    You're in Penang after all, so don't forget your healthy dose of arts, great food, nature and cultural activities! Join our post-conferences excursions, and you'll figure out why the world calls Malaysia 'the truly Asia'. Standard and Full pass holders may choose to join one of the three tour options available, for free.

  • Partners

    CU Asia 2018 wouldn't happen without our passionate partners.

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    Get in touch with team@cuasia.co


    You don't need to trust us. See what others have to say.

    Alex Hillman

    Founder of IndyHall, Philadelphia

    “CUAsia is, hands down, the best coworking conference I've attended on the planet. I'm pleased and proud to have shared the experience with all of you!
    Clearly, lots of intent and thoughtful planning made this event enjoyable and meaningful for all of us.”

    Cynthia Satrya-Hasan

    Co-founder of Coworkinc, Indonesia

    “You guys are the reason why we believe that coworking and its spirit needs to be heard and introduced to more people.”

    Jay Kim

    Deputy General Manager of Rehoboth, South Korea

    "It was a life changing experience. I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people from all over the world with similar DNA to me. Technology is allowing us to so many amazing things that we never thought could be possible in the past. By spending 3 days at the conference, it has led to friendships and partnerships that can be continued on-line from far away. This is awesome! I’m so proud of this community!"

    Jeff LaFlamme

    Founder of Angkor Hub, Cambodia

    “It was an amazing event! I met people with similar experience, people with the same mission, people with the same dreams. I felt a part of an awesome family.”

    Jason Lusk

    Co-Organizer of Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) and Co-Founder of ClickSpace Hanoi, Vietnam

    “It was a positive experience. We are happy with the value, and we connected with great people!"

    Rebecca Collins

    Digital Nomad

    “It was really refreshing to be reminded of what this movement is all about. It's awesome to see how connected coworking communities are here in Bali, and I'm excited to visit the rest of you while I nomad around to see what's going on in other parts of the world."

  • Media & Outreach Partners

    We get by with a little help from our friends.

    Deskmag is the magazine documenting the changing look and function of coworking spaces and the movement.

    Coworking Insights is a publishing platform for sharing valuable insights learned from the trenches in the coworking world.

    Besourcer is a platform to find new opportunities in the new way of work, e-learning training and experiential journeys.


    Abby Teoh

    Director at PAPER + TOAST


    Teoh Chin Yueh (Abby), graduated from University of Bristol, England, where her area of tertiary education was in Accounting and Finance. Abby's working experience was gained through the years spent in OCBC Bank where she worked as a business banking relationship manager. In 2011, Abby joined PAPER + TOAST by Project Root 2 Sdn Bhd as a Director.

    Abdulrahman Alrashidi

    CEO of Madar Real Estate Development

    Abdulrahman Alrashidi is an entrepreneur from Kuwait. Since 2012 , Abdulrahman has worked in different realestate projects in Riyadh, Dubai, Baku, and Kuwait. He is also the founder of several youth development programs in Kuwait. Currently he is heading a new coworking space that’s going to launch soon in Kuwait, targeting small businesses and freelancers.

    Adrian Palacios

    Co-founder of Nexudus



    Adrian is a software and hardware engineer with passion to do things differently. He is the co-founder and technical lead at Nexudus, an end-to-end platform to manage many of the processes happening in coworking and shared workspaces. Adrian and his team are always on the lookout for anything which may make the life of space managers and members easier in their day to day in the space.

    Alex Hillman

    Co-founder of Indy Hall



    Alex is the co-founder of Indy Hall, one of the longest running coworking communities in the world. He is also the creator and lead instructor of the Community Builder Masterclass, an intensive bootcamp-style course that teaches community leaders, managers, and corporations how to build a robust and powerful culture that scales.

    Andrew Maxwell

    Knowledge & Development Manager at Diversity Council AU

    An award winning Facilitator and Coach, Andrew has facilitated programs across Australia, the UK and Asia for a range of companies including ABC News, BBC, Virgin Atlantic, and Qantas. He regularly chairs panel discussions featuring Indigenous Employment, Gender Equality, LGBTi+ and Mental Health at work. In early 2018, Andrew will host a podcasting series “Diverse Voices” with Diversity Council Australia.

    Anelia Heese

    General Manager of Inspire9 in Richmond


    Growing up on a farm in rural South Africa has provided Anelia with keen interest in what makes communities tick. After finishing her degree in Decision Making, she moved to Melbourne where she dived into the Australian startup scene. As the General Manager of Inspire9's original site in Richmond, Anelia spearheads community development in the startup ecosystem of Melbourne and beyond.

    Anita Fuzi

    Strategic Adviser at Cowork 7x24


    Anita holds a PhD in Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a research focus on coworking spaces and entrepreneurship. She is a specialist in the design of contemporary office environments, possessing expert knowledge on the enabling features which enhance creativity, increase productivity, and stimulate collaborative activities. She is responsible for supporting strategic choices via research and assessment of options at Cowork7x24, but also works with many coworking spaces across Europe as an independent consultant.

    Ashley Proctor

    Executive Director of 312 Main.


    As one of the original voices of the coworking movement, Ashley Proctor has been building collaborative communities since 2003. Ashley is currently working in Vancouver, BC to launch Canada’s largest coworking community, The 312 Main Community Co-Op. As a founding member of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario collectives, Ashley created COHIP – the first Coworking Health Insurance Plan – for all independent workers in Canada.

    Ben Eckblad

    Co-Founder of Gorilla Space


    With 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, Ben co-founded GorillaSpace to bring the best tools and practices to help smaller high-growth businesses. GorillaSpace.co is an online platform to help fast-growth businesses find the best workspaces from across all property types including coworking, serviced offices, corporate surplus space, and institutional long-term office space.


    Brad Krauskopf



    Brad Krauskopf is a serial entrepreneur who activates work spaces that people love. As CEO of Hub Australia, Brad is committed to catalysing a national network of shared workspaces that changes the way Australia works. Since 2011, he has founded Hub Australia, CoActiv8, MESH, and GCUC Australia to help realise this goal.

    Brittnee Bond

    Brittnee Bond is a business consultant for coworking and coliving spaces. She's now focusing on bringing the "secret sauce" into corporations and helping them transition into more flexible workspaces. Her free time is spent volunteering in sustainable impact and women entrepreneurship projects.

    Bryan Stewart

    Co-Founder of Outpost



    Bryan is the co-founder of Outpost, a coworking and coliving space in Bali (and currently popping-up in Phnom Penh, Cambodia).

    He is also Director, Asia-Pacific, at Liberty Global Partners, a private equity and venture capital placement firm focused exclusively on emerging markets.

    Casper Foo

    Co-Founder of Sandbox



    After engaging with Malaysia’s emerging startup scene for a brief period, Casper decided to address the urgent need to organically build a community of entrepreneurs in suburban Kuala Lumpur. He then co-founded Sandbox coworking space, which launched its operations in January 2018. He also works as a financial planner by the day.

    Chris Angkasa

    Founder of Clapham Collective


    Chris Angkasa established Clapham Collective in Medan, Indonesia in 2016. Being called to contribute into Medan’s culture and entrepreneurship, he believes that coworking space is a powerful way to make a difference in the city.

    Christoph Fahle

    Co-Founder and CEO of Betahaus


    Christoph is the founder of Betahaus, one of Europe's biggest and most influential coworking spaces. Betahaus is currently operating in Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona and Sofia.

    Christoph Hammer

    CEO at Ezeep


    After more than a decade working as technical consultant and project manager with traditional companies in old-school office settings, Christoph Hammer decided in 2015 that it was time for a change. He now leads the development of the internet-based print management service ezeep which is designed for coworking spaces. If you want to know why Christoph thinks that doing dishes and printing have a lot in common, just ask him.

    Claire Carpenter

    Founder and Chief Executive at the Melting Pot Edinburgh

    Award-winning social entrepreneur Claire Carpenter founded The Melting Pot – one of the world’s first coworking spaces – in 2005 in her adopted home city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Now a leader in her field, Claire tours internationally providing expertise and thought leadership on quality coworking, incubating social change, leadership, and social enterprise development.

    Conrad Tracey

    COO of Inspire9



    As the COO for Inspire9, Melbourne's original community led coworking space for startups, freelancers and creative entrepreneur, Conrad is leading Inspire9's reputation as an authority on the future of work discussion, as well as expanding from their original location in Richmond to a second iconic location, The Dream Factory in Footscray.

    David Abraham

    Co-Founder of Outpost



    David Abraham’s career has gone from the White House to Wall Street, from a Lithuanian regional government to running an international NGO based in Uganda. Most recently, he wrote an award-winning book, The Elements of Power, that looks at our future resource needs in a green economy. He is currently the Chairman of Outpost in Ubud, Bali.

    Emma Forster

    Marketing Lead at Inspire9


    Emma is passionate about creating and collaborating. Her experience spans across marketing, communications, events, the arts, tech and creative industries. She is a community builder and thinker with purpose, currently leading the marketing at Inspire9 in Melbourne.

    Faith Bogue

    Manager at Collision 8​



    Faith is currently working as the Manager of Collision 8, a Singapore-based coworking space, building on several years of experience in business development and management for both
    for-profit and non-profit enterprises in the US and Singapore markets. An avid traveller, Faith speaks proficient German and beginner Mandarin. She also makes excellent crepes.

    Howie Chang

    Co-Founder and Head of Product at The Commissioned

    Howie is one of the community hosts of @CAT Penang, a collaborative co-working space which offers mentorship, incubation, workshops, events, networking and corporate innovation labs. He is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at The Commissioned, a marketplace network connecting discerning individuals and businesses with talented artists from around the globe.

    Daniel Beck

    Founder and CEO of Coliving.com


    Daniel is the Co-Founder of Coliving.com. His goal is to promote amazing coliving communities so that digital nomads, remote professionals, or anyone with the desire to explore has the chance to find their tribe. Making relationships and cultivating optimism are what motivate him to contribute first-hand to the coliving movement.

    Joy Taylor

    Co-Founder and Community Manager of Canvas Coworking Space

    Joy supports new entrepreneurs to start and scale their business, as a Lean Startup Coach for Startup Toowoomba and as a Program Facilitator and Mentor for the WiRE - Women in Regional Enterprise project in collaboration with USQ and QRRRWN. Joy is also the Founder of Founderfest; and CoderDojo Toowoomba.

    Kasia Triantafelo

    Business Development Manager at Hubud


    Kasia plots, plans and executes things for Hubud’s world-domination program.


    Laurence Loh

    President of The Heritage of Malaysia Trust and Director of Think City

    Laurence is recognised as a leading conservation architect and cultural heritage expert in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region. His architectural practice of 35 years consistently delivers highly commended projects related to new-built designs as well as building conservation and planning. Increasingly, his practice facilitates the revitalisation of heritage sites through an integrated approach that incorporates urban planning, building conservation, cultural-mapping, consensus building, transport, universal access and environmental sustainability.

    Lavinia Iosub

    Chief Troublemaker at Livit


    Lavinia runs Livit Bali, a hub and service provider for tech startups. Her professional and personal experiences span 4 continents, 35+ countries and a few different industries, from NGO roles to running projects for celebrities and super-brands. Together with a team of awesome individuals, she builds inspiring work spaces where productivity, innovation, community and adventure go hand-in-hand. She is a future of work enthusiast.

    Leanne Beesley

    Founder & CEO of Coworker.com


    Leanne is the Founder & CEO of Coworker.com, the world's largest community-powered platform for finding & connecting with coworking spaces in 125 countries. Lover of technology, random adventures, ingenious collaborations and not-so-secret missions to change the world, she's lived outside of her native UK for most of the past 14 years including Togo, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Lye Yu Min

    Co-Founder of Sandbox



    After being involved in international trade in Singapore for two years, Yu Min was exposed to the potential young talents bring to the table. That’s why he co-founded Sandbox, an organic coworking space at Kuala Lumpur. Yu Min believes there are more unexplored avenues for partners in offering value to startups apart from the traditional coworking space model.

    Malcolm Wu

    Strategic Planning Manager at iCube Innovation

    Malcolm is the Strategic Manager at the iCube Innovation in Kuching - the first and still the largest, most connected co-working space in Sarawak. He is the lead community builder in the local Startup Ecosystem as well he is managing and facilitating many local programs such as the Startup Weekend Kuching, the Google Business Group, the Rails Girls Kuching and others.

    Marc Navarro

    Content Director of the CoworkingSpain Conference

    Marc helps individuals and companies create work environments that improve people's lives and performance. He is also the creator of the first coworking with social return, Sinèrgics and head of strategy of CREC coworking. Among his consultancy achievements are the implementation of Endesa's corporate coworking at their HQ or the mentoring of L'Hort Coworking a creative space in Barcelona.

    Maria Agustin T

    Partnership Manager of Hubud and Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific

    Maria is the partner-whisperer and the chief of getting-things-done-quickly-and-well at Hubud. Previously involved in bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects, she brings many years of outreach and partnership experience.

    Mei Tan

    Founder of Scoopoint and Creative Director of Asia Green Group

    Mei is both designer and entrepreneur who is currently the creative director of Asia Green Group - a property development company.

    She is also the founder of Scoopoint- a modern and stylish co-working space in the central of Penang. Scoopoint is not just a co-working space but a community and platform to encourage creativity, passion & collaboration.

    Mike LaRosa

    Publisher at Coworkaholic.com


    Mike is the brain behind Coworkaholic.com, a media company, dedicated to all things shared workspace. He designs dynamic and engaging sponsorable content, programs and products paired with innovative marketing campaigns.

    Pat Teoh

    Director at PAPER + TOAST


    Pat Teoh is a visionary who strongly believes in change is the only constant. Through her passion of creating a creative working environment to drive innovation, she started PAPER + TOAST, the first coworking space in Malaysia back in 2010

    Priscilla Chua

    Business Development Executive at Collision 8​


    Priscilla is the Business Development Executive at Collision 8. With a background in hospitality and project management, her priorities are creating
    exceptional customer service and members’ experiences. In building a community at
    Collision 8, she thrive on introducing potential and current members to opportunities, people, and resources necessary for their businesses to grow.

    Raymond Castillo

    IT Executive at Collision 8​



    With several years of experience in providing IT solutions to help innovate companies from within, Raymond is currently a team member at Collision 8, a Singapore based coworking space. His priority is effectively communicating vision and strategic plans to the team and lead the IT department and all IT initiatives to add good value to any business.

    Ryan Chatterton

    Founder of Coworking Insights and Marketing Director of Habu

    Ryan started Coworking Insights in 2015 to publish meaningful and in-depth insights about the coworking industry and shared workspace operations. Notably, he successfully led the education and events program at PARISOMA, San Francisco’s oldest existing coworking space. Since then, aside from starting Coworking Insights and working with Habu, Ryan has consulted coworking spaces all over the world, in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

    Sebastian Kühn

    Founder of Wireless Life



    Sebastian is a 34 year old german entrepreneur, who has been living and working in Asia since 2012. His platform Wireless Life became one of the most popular resources for digital nomads in Germany. By organising workations, writing books and through an active online community, Sebastian wants to inspire more people to question their status quo.

    Serkan Kurtulus

    Founder and CEO of Cowork7x24


    Serkan Kurtulus is the founder and CEO of Cowork7x24. After ditching his corporate career of 20+ years, he founded Cowork7x24, a digital booking, operations, and community tool that simplifies the lives of coworkers and coworking space operators. Driven by his passion to make coworking easier and more accessible to everyone, he assembled an international team of 100% remote (co)workers to bring the idea to life.

    Steve Munroe

    Steve is passionate on exploring how work practices are changing and how education can help people take control of their lives, pursue their passions and find their place in an increasingly borderless world. He co-founded Hubud, Bali's first coworking space, and pioneered the Coworking Aliance of Asia Pacific.

    Tan Ze Seng (Ze)

    Business Development Manager at PAPER + TOAST

    Tan Ze Seng (Ze), graduated from University of Bristol, England, where he obtained his Masters in Civil Engineering. Ze gained 8 years of Project Management experience in the Property Development Sector as a Senior Manager. In 2017, Ze joined PAPER + TOAST handling Business Development to seek for potential collaborations and organizing events.

    Tim Chimoy

    Architect, and Founder of Citizen Circle


    Tim Chimoy is an architect specialized in workspace architecture. He runs a (German speaking) community of remote entrepreneurs called "Citizen Circle“ with 400 active members. He also runs a small and private co-working space in Chiang-Mai. At the moment, Tim is living between Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Berlin.

    Tim Ford

    Co-Founder Cohoots Coworking


    In 2014, Tim and his partner Rhonda started Cohoots in the rural town of Castlemaine in Australia. He is passionate about how the coworking concept enables a broader enterprising community in small towns. Whilst having to do everything from event management to cleaner, Tim finds great pleasure in seeing the magic of coworking where the members control the core.

    Uwe Allgäuer

    Co-Founder of Coworking Bansko


    Uwe is a real estate manager, coworking space owner, entrepreneur, consultant, mentor and skipper. His current startups are Coworking Bansko and a book project. Currently he is looking to finish his book, to learn more about what is important to him and to help people on their way to achieve their dreams.

    Varun Chawla

    Co-Founder of 91springboard


    Varun is the Co-Founder of 91springboard, network of coworking spaces in 9 cities in India. Varun is also the Indpendent Director at Pennar Industries Limited, one of the Ambassadors of World Startup Report, and an active advisor in various startups, including MyGuestHouse, Smarter Grades, Retasaan and Wedding Guru.

    Vijayakumar T.

    Country Head of Regus Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei

    Vijayakumar Tangarasan is Country Head of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei who is responsible in managing and developing Regus business across Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. He has been
    with Regus for about 5 years. Vijay led the team to grow the business in this region from 11 centers to 53 centers which build a strong business network and office/co-working spaces
    across these countries.

    Vitto Christaldi

    Head of Experience at Hubud, Coordinator of CAAP

    Vitto is the Head of Experience of HUBUD and the Coordinator of Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP). He has organised more than 1,200 events in the past 3.5 years, 430 events only in 2016. He is also the Party Captain of Invasion Ubud, the biggest monthly pool party series in Ubud, Bali.

    Wan Imran

    Director at PAPER + TOAST


    Wan Imran is the director of PAPER + TOAST, the first co-working space in Malaysia. He focuses on optimizing networking opportunities and linking ideas and innovation to people and to bring about the best and most complete community experiences. He has provided many consultations and mentoring sessions to start-ups on implementation and optimization platforms for the start-up ecosystems.

    Xinyi Ang

    Events Executive at Collision 8​


    Xinyi is the events executive and founding team member at Collision 8, a co-working space located in downtown Singapore. With extensive experience in event management, corporate development and partnerships, she manages all internal and external events, and also devotes her time to building a growing community of global and local partners.

    Yizhao Zhang

    Meditation lead (gPause) at Google


    Yizhao is a (Z)entrepreneur, mindfulness pro, and retreat leader, bringing more meditation, yoga and restorative practices accessible to corporates, schools, recovery, and refugee camps. A native from China, Yizhao has well travelled and worked as an HR consultant including 11 years in Europe and 4 years in South East Asia. Her last position at Google enabled her to learn and teach deep mindfulness courses at Google offices globally.

  • The Charm of Penang

    Penang is one of Malaysia’s most diverse, cosmopolitan and exciting cultures. Located at the intersection of Asia’s great kingdoms and Europe's powerful colonial empires, Penang has long served as the link between Asia’s two halves and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

    Work and Play

    Having a conference in Penang, it would be a shame to have all work and no play. That's why we'll bring CU Asia participants on unforgettable excursions on the last day. The costs? On us!


    Got any question? Want more details? Ask. And we shall answer.