• CU Asia 2018




    FEBRUARY 9 - 11, 2018


    Join us in February in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Penang, one of the most colourful places on Earth. Our "Colourful" theme gives a gentle nod to its host city, as well as the unified diversity of the Asia Pacific region. We honour the creative tapestry that is the coworking movement; its colourful characters, the diversity of its communities, and its all-shapes-and-sizes nature.


    "Connections" brings it back to the human, where coworking began. Our industry discussions often focus on 'work' and 'place' as we explore the rapid changes in those spheres. In 2018 we want to refocus on what matters: the quality and nature of the connections that we help make room for.

  • CU Asia 2018 is produced by CAAP

    The Coworking Association of Asia Pacific (CAAP)
    unifies, supports and promotes
    collaborative coworking across Asia Pacific.

  • And organised in partnership with Hubud and Paper and Toast

    Bali's 1st coworking space and a globally recognized hub for location-independent entrepreneurs, startups, creatives and change-makers.

    Established in 2010, Paper and Toast is the first coworking space in Malaysia.


    Early bird tickets available until September 2017.


    We can promise you one thing. You've never been to a conference like this before.


    Feb 7, 2018 (Wed)

    A day to celebrate, showcase and explore the Malaysia coworking and startup ecosystem and connect it directly with global partners.


    Meet your fellow coworkers from Malaysia coworking scene and beyond AND listen to stories on differences and similarities about coworking and communities in Malaysia


    Feb 8, 2018 (Thu)

    Coworking Academy is a fun and focused workshop to help new or prospective spaces accelerate their learning on the Big 4 of Coworking Space: Community Engagement, Coworking Finances, Coworking Operations, and Programming & Events.


    Join us to get unstuck; ask questions to experienced operators; and take away tangible tools and templates. You can also join forces with other newbies in the field and see what magic unfolds!


    Feb 9, 2018 (Fri)

    CUAsia will provide you with the opportunity to share experiences and explore the ways in which we can live, work and learn differently in the new collaborative economy.


    Now it's your time to be part of The Future Of Work!

    CU Asia Day 2 - the "Unconference"

    Feb 10, 2018 (Sat)

    They say decisions are made by the people who show up, and an unconference is no exception. It is the ultimate participatory adventure!


    Bring your insights, concerns, queries and burning topics for discussion to these 6 unconference sessions, and help us design the day with what matters most to you.

    Excursion Day

    Feb 11, 2018 (Sun)

    You're in Penang after all, so don't forget your healthy dose of arts, great food, nature and cultural activities! Join our post-conferences excursions, and you'll figure out why the world calls Malaysia 'the truly Asia'. Standard and Full pass holders may choose to join one of the three tour options available, for free.

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    You don't need to trust us. See what others have to say.

    Alex Hillman

    Founder of IndyHall, Philadelphia

    “CUAsia is, hands down, the best coworking conference I've attended on the planet. I'm pleased and proud to have shared the experience with all of you!
    Clearly, lots of intent and thoughtful planning made this event enjoyable and meaningful for all of us.”

    Cynthia Satrya-Hasan

    Co-founder of Coworkinc, Indonesia

    “You guys are the reason why we believe that coworking and its spirit needs to be heard and introduced to more people.”

    Jay Kim

    Deputy General Manager of Rehoboth, South Korea

    "It was a life changing experience. I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people from all over the world with similar DNA to me. Technology is allowing us to so many amazing things that we never thought could be possible in the past. By spending 3 days at the conference, it has led to friendships and partnerships that can be continued on-line from far away. This is awesome! I’m so proud of this community!"

    Jeff LaFlamme

    Founder of Angkor Hub, Cambodia

    “It was an amazing event! I met people with similar experience, people with the same mission, people with the same dreams. I felt a part of an awesome family.”

    Jason Lusk

    Co-Organizer of Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) and Co-Founder of ClickSpace Hanoi, Vietnam

    “It was a positive experience. We are happy with the value, and we connected with great people!"

    Rebecca Collins

    Digital Nomad

    “It was really refreshing to be reminded of what this movement is all about. It's awesome to see how connected coworking communities are here in Bali, and I'm excited to visit the rest of you while I nomad around to see what's going on in other parts of the world."


    Adrian Palacios

    Cofounder of Nexudus

    Adrian is a software and hardware engineer with passion to do things differently. He is the co-founder and technical lead at Nexudus, an end-to-end platform to manage many of the processes happening in coworking and shared workspaces.
    Adrian and his team are always on the lookout for anything which may make the life of space managers and members easier in their day to day in the space. Client or not, Adrian is always willing to offer advice and his views so make sure you take this chance to pick his brain.

    Alex Hillman

    Co-founder of Indy Hall

    Co-founder of Indy Hall, one of the longest running coworking communities in the world. The creator and lead instructor of the Community Builder Masterclass, an intensive bootcamp-style course that teaches community leaders, managers, and corporations how to build a robust and powerful culture that scales for anything from a neighborhood association to a coworking space to a Fortune 50 business.

    Ashish Goenka

    Founder of Mingle

    Ash is the founder of Mingle, the largest coworking space in Mumbai, with a fully equipped state of the art events facility, an in-house VC and incubator, and a Montessori themed crèche. Mingle's Mumbai space is the first of hopefully several Mingles around India and Asia. 


    Ben Gattie

    Co-Founder and CEO of the Working Capitol

    Ben believes that property can be transformed to take on another life, changing the way people interact with it. After learning the ropes with Red Brick Properties in New York City, Ben returned home to Singapore in 2010 and founded The Bamboo Group, a boutique real estate investment and development company. Inspired by his own entrepreneurial journey, he co-founded The Working Capitol, disrupting the way we work and providing people with a vibrant space to collaborate and be their most productive.

    Brad Krauskopf

    Brad Krauskopf activates spaces that grow the collaborative capacity of individuals, businesses and cities. He is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker. As CEO of Third Spaces Group, Brad is committed to catalysing a national network of smart work hubs that changes the way Australia works. Since 2011, he has founded Hub Australia, CoActiv8 and Platform3 to help realise this goal.  

    Conrad Tracey

    General Manager of The Dream Factory

    Conrad is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep interest in problem solving, leadership, community and helping people prosper. His personable, dedicated and friendly approach has seen him become a thought leader in the Australian start­up, music and coworking community. Conrad joins the Inspire 9 team in 2017 as General Manger of the companies exciting new project "The Dream Factory".

    James Abbott

    Founder of KoHub

    As a digital nomad, James has traveled, lived and worked all over the world since 2004. Koh Lanta is now James' base, where the allure of work/life balance has called him back for many years. The Thai island was the natural choice for James to establish KoHub - a community focused tropical coworking space.

    Jonathan O'Byrne

    Founder and CEO of Collective Works

    Jonathan is an entrepreneur, designer, investor and the founder of the coworking space Collective Works. Jonathan's work is rooted in the belief that you can improve the way people experience the world through design. His passion has led Collective Works to become Singapore's fastest growing coworking community. Jonathan's first book on coworking, titled 'Coworking Corp' is due to be published in a few short months.

    Kasia Triantafelo

    Business Dev Manager at Hubud

    Kasia plots, plans and executes things for Hubud’s world-domination program.


    Lalitha Wemel

    Regional Manager of Asia Pacific at Techstars

    Lalitha Wemel is a community architect based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is incredibly passionate about fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities. She is currently the Regional Manager for Techstars Startup Programs across East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania, where she works with amazing community leaders to strengthen and empower their local startup ecosystem.

    Leanne Beesley

    Co-Founder & CEO of Coworker.com

    Leanne is co-founder of Coworker.com, the new "Tripadvisor for Coworking Spaces" launched in October 2015. Lover of technology, random adventures, ingenious collaborations and not-so-secret missions to change the world, she's lived outside of her native UK for most of the past 12 years, including Togo, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Melina Chan

    General Manager at Inspire9

    Melina has been involved in Inspire9 since its inception. After an AYAD placement in Cambodia, Melina cofounded the social enterprise Kinyei, where she worked on a group of community development projects to generate employment opportunities for young Cambodians.

    Mike LaRosa

    Publisher at Coworkaholic.com

    Co-Founder of Communitas

    Mike is the brain behind Coworkaholic.com, a media company, dedicated to all things shared workspace. He designs dynamic and engaging sponsorable content, programs and products paired with innovative marketing campaigns.

    Oko Davaasuren

    Regional Director of Asia at Techstars

    Oko is a director APAC, Startup Programs at Techstars. His work is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities. He helps entrepreneurs from inspiration to IPO and runs community focused programs such as Startup Weekend, Startup Next, Startup Week and Startup Digest. Oko is also a Co-Founder of Startup Mongolia, Mongolian NGO that organizes various programs, events and trainings for entrepreneurs and startups.

    Risyiana Muthia (Sisie)

    Communication Manager of Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud]

    Sisie is passionate about community growth, media engagement, and storytelling in any form. She has been involved in the growth of Hubud since 2013, shaping and spreading the messages wide and far.

    Saranta Gattie

    Co-Founder of The Working Capitol

    In 2013, Saranta went to Myanmar and immersed herself in the startup ecosystem, providing market entry consultancy services and facilitating networking opportunities between exploring entrepreneurs and emerging businesses in a fast-growing market. Passionate about people, building cultures and communities, Saranta co-founded The Working Capitol, a space for people to collaborate and do their best work.

    Stefan van der Werf

    Cofounder at Bisner

    Stefan is cofounder at Bisner. Passionate about the new way of working, he created Bisner to help coworking managers activate their communities better. He strongly believes that flexibility will shape the future of work, and that connecting people creates opportunities. With these beliefs, he designed Bisner to support coworking space managers develop their spaces as they envisioned them and grow their communities faster and stronger.

    Varun Chawla

    Co-founder of 91springboard

    Varun is the co-founder of 91springboard - a collaborative environment transforming the start-up ecosystem across India and emerging markets. Springboard provides start-ups with work space, infrastructure & services, a platform to network and learn, customised incubation, and access to capital.

    Vitto Christaldi

    Head Coordinator of Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP)

    Events Maestro of Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud]

    Vitto is the Events Manager of HUBUD and the Head Coordinator of Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP). He has organised more than 1,000 events in the past 2.5 years, 430 events only in 2016. He is also the Party Captain of Invasion Ubud, the biggest monthly pool party series in Ubud, Bali.

  • The Charm of Penang

    Penang is one of Malaysia’s most diverse, cosmopolitan and exciting cultures. Located at the intersection of Asia’s great kingdoms and Europe's powerful colonial empires, Penang has long served as the link between Asia’s two halves and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

    Work and Play

    Having a conference in Penang, it would be a shame to have all work and no play. That's why we'll bring CU Asia participants on unforgettable excursions on the last day. The costs? On us!


    Got any question? Want more details? Ask. And we shall answer.