• CUAsia 2017: Creative Convergence

    Exploring the intersection of work




    FEBRUARY 8 - 12, 2017


    After two successful years of hosting CUAsia in beautiful Bali, it’s time to take the show on the road…so the 3rd CUAsia will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2017.


    The first 2 years saw over 350 participants from over 30 countries, including coworking space operators, real estate companies, workplace futurists, educational institutes, media companies, tech teams, digital nomads and investment firms.  Who will you meet this year?

  • Presented by CAAP

    And hosted in partnership with Hubba.

    The Coworking Association of Asia Pacific (CAAP)
    unifies, supports and promotes
    collaborative coworking across Asia {acific.

    Thailand’s 1st coworking space and the original pioneers of intimate Silicon Valley-style home coworking space.

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    We can promise you one thing. You've never been to a conference like this before.


    Feb 8, 2017 (Wed)

    A day to celebrate, showcase and explore the Thai ecosystem and connect it directly with global partners.


    Meet your fellow coworkers from Thai coworking scene and beyond AND listen to stories on differences and similarities about coworking and communities in Thailand.


    Location: StarWork Chiang Mai
                        87/9 Tunghotel Rd., Watket, Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand

    Spotlight Thailand - Agenda

    08:00 - 09:00


    09:00 - 09:15

    Welcome Speech


    09:15 - 09:30

    How to Build, Grow, Scale a Global Tech Company, Oko Davaasuren (Techstars)


    09:30 - 10:00

    Overview of Thailand Tech Startup Ecosystem: Why Start Now?, Chalermyuth Boonman (DTAC Accelerate)


    10:00 - 10:30

    Future of Automotive Tech in Asia, Tanawat Vichaiwatanapanich (Haupcar)


    10:15 - 10:30

    Travel Tech and Tourism in Thailand, Taro Amornched (TakeMeTour)


    10:30 - 10:45

    B2B Tech Startups in Southeast Asia, Sahib Anandsongvit (Seekster)


    10:45 - 11:15

    Panel: How to Come Up with Great Ideas and Get Sarted,

    Tanawat Vichaiwatanapanich (Haupcar), Sahib Anandsongvit (Seekster), and ​Taro Amornched (TakeMeTour)


    11:15 - 11:30

    Chiang Mai Startup Ecosystem, Pradorn Sureephong (College of Arts, Media and Technology)


    11:30 - 12:00

    What’s New for Business, Finance and Technology Law in Thailand?, Warot Wanakankowit (Wingman & Partners)


    12:00 - 13:00



    13:00 - 13:45

    Workshop 1.1: Design Thinking, Oko Davaasuren (Techstars)

    Workshop 1.2: How to Build Coworking Space and Leverage Community, Amarit Charoenphan (HUBBA Thailand)


    13:45 - 14:30

    Workshop 2.1: Startup Law Crash course, Warot Wanakankowit (Partner Wingman & Partners)

    Workshop 2.2: Crowdfunding 101, Jon Lor (Asiola)

    14:30 - 15:00

    Panel: Regional Showcase - Map of Thailand: Pun Space (Chiang Mai), Kohub (Krabi), HUBBA (Bangkok), and RPOD (Pattaya).


    15:00 - 15:15



    15:15 - 15:45

    Panel: Thai Startup Success and Failures Stories


    15:45 - 16:00

    Lessons from Uber: Scaling Your Startup in Southeast Asia, Lin Fan (Uber)


    16:00 - 17:30

    Pitching Practice for Chiang Mai Startups, Commentary and Award Ceremony


    17:30 - 21:00

    Networking Party


    Feb 9, 2017 (Thu)

    Coworking Academy is a fun and focused workshop to help new or prospective spaces accelerate their learning on the Big 4 of Coworking Space: Community Engagement, Coworking Finances, Coworking Operations, and Programming & Events.


    Join us to get unstuck; ask questions to experienced operators; and take away tangible tools and templates. You can also join forces with other newbies in the field and see what magic unfolds!


    Location: Punspace Tha Pae Gate
                        7/2 Rachadamnoen Road, Soi 4, Prasingha, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

    Coworking Academy - Agenda

    08:30 - 09:15


    09:15 - 09:30

    Introduction by Steve Munroe (CAAP)


    09:30 - 10:15

    Product Market Fit, Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus (IndyHall)

    Are you actually solving a problem? We'll look at your product/market fit, build customer avatars and start to craft your message.


    10:15 - 11:00

    Real Estate Tricks: How Not to Get Screwed on Your Lease, Arun Patro (91springboard)

    Basic real estate principles, things to think about BEFORE you sign, different lease structures, and negotiating tips.


    11:00 - 11:15



    11:15 - 11:45

    Design in the Space, Sombat Ngamchalermsak (Paperspace)

    Design secrets to enhance collaboration in your space.


    11:45 - 12:15

    Nobody Needs Advertising! But Everybody Loves A Great Story ... , Matthias Schuecking (Working Capital)

    Your brand says a lot about you. Work through a number of critical points to make sure your brand narrative is clear and you attract the right people to your community


    12:15 - 13:00



    13:00 - 14:00

    Track 1.1: Community, Josh Lipscombe (Inspire 9)

    Ultimately, a vibrant community is what will make or break your business. We'll workshop how to create the perfect environment for your community to grow and flourish


    Track 1.2: Recruit and Retain the A team, Ramashis Biswas (91springboard)

    Your team is everything. Get some insights into HR strategies, and make sure you are attracting and retaining the right people.


    14:00 - 15:00

    Track 2.1: Sponsorship and Partnership, Mike LaRosa (Communitas)

    How to attract partners and secure sponsorships without selling your space’s soul.


    Track 2.2: Tech Tools, Kasia Triantafelo (Hubud)

    A blazing introduction to some of the tech and SaaS tools that will keep your space running better and more profitably.


    15:00 - 15:30



    15:30 - 16:30

    Track 3.1: Events, Ashish Goenka (Mingle)

    Events animate your space and define your community. Learn about international events you can run in your space, and how to develop a signature program for your space.


    Track 3.2: Finance, Jonathan O'Byrne (Collective Works)

    How to fund your space opening, key operational finance issues, and how to pivot if it is not working.


    16:30 - 16:45

    Filling your space: Sales and Marketing Make the World Go Round, Mario Berta (FlySpaces)

    Learn marketing strategies and develop your unique sales pitch based on what you learned today!


    16:45 - 17:30

    Scaling Within: Developing Value Propositions for Bootstrapping Founders to Unicorns, Michelle Woo Pui Mun (The Hub Singapore)

    Navigating growth by focusing on the success patterns of our members. How to curate a growth strategy with an ever-changing community and market environment.


    17:15 - 17:30

    Wrap Up, Steve Munroe (CAAP)




    Feb 10, 2017 (Fri)

    CUAsia will provide you with the opportunity to share experiences and explore the ways in which we can live, work and learn differently in the new collaborative economy.


    Now it's your time to be part of The Future Of Work!


    Location: Khum Kham International Convention Center
                        Nong Pa Khrang, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Changwat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand

    CU Asia Day 1 - Agenda

    08:00 - 09:00

    Registration, coffee, and networking.


    09:00 - 09:30






    09:30 - 09:50

    Real Estate versus Shared Economy- From Dystopia to Zen, Juliette Morgan (Cushman and Wakefield)


    09:50 - 10:10

    The Futurists on the Future of Work​, Pieter Levels (Nomadlist)


    10:10 - 10:30

    Global Coworking Research & Asia Survey Results, Mike LaRosa (Communitas)


    10:35 - 11:00

    Coffee break




    11:00 - 11:40

    A Case Study: Lessons from the Singapore Coworking Market​, Arnaud Bonzom (500 Startups)


    11:40 - 12:05

    Fuck Up Nights: CU Asia Edition, hosted by Asish Goenka (Mingle)


    12:05 - 12:30

    Coworking 2017, Jonah Merchant (BizDojo)


    12:30 - 12:35

    Breathwork session


    12:35 - 12:45

    What Should We Be Paying Attention to in 2017: What's Hot and What's Not?


    12:45 - 12:50

    Special Awards


    13:00 - 14:00






    14:15 - 15:00

    Emerging Trends in the Asian Coworking Industry

    (Panel) Trendspotting: 3 Key Trends for Coworking in Asia in 2017

    (Fireside Chat) Scaling with Soul: Navigating Rapid Growth in a Very Personal Business, Grace Sai (Hub Singapore)

    (Debate) A Battle of the Models - Leasing vs CRE Partnerships, Jonathan O'Byrne (Collective Works) vs Varun Chawla (91springboard)

    (Workshop) Metrics and Measurements for Your Business, by Anil George (91springboard)


    15:25 - 16:10 Partnerships and Convergence

    (Panel) Coworking Spaces as Anchors for Social Change

    (Fireside Chat) Surfacing Better Solutions: Design Thinking and Customer Empathy, Oko Davaasuren (Techstars)

    (Debate) Will Corporate Incursion Into Coworking Spaces Kill Coworking? Alex Hillman (Indy Hall) vs Arnaud Bonzom (500 Startups)

    (Workshop) Sponsorships and Partnerships, Mike LaRosa (Communitas)


    16:30 - 17:15 Future of Work

    (Panel) The Future of Work is Mobile, with Marcus Meurer (DNX) and Kyrie Melnyck (7in7)

    (Future of Work) Skills to Survive Work in the 21st Century with Kavi Gupta (Forbes)

    (Panel) Coworking Spaces are the Future of Learning

    (Tech Carousel) Bisner, Cobot, Mesh and Nexudus


    17:30 - 18:00

    Wrap up


    18:00 - 19:30

    Cocktail hour


    CU Asia Day 2 - the "Unconference"

    Feb 11, 2017 (Sat)

    They say decisions are made by the people who show up, and an unconference is no exception. It is the ultimate participatory adventure!


    Bring your insights, concerns, queries and burning topics for discussion to these 6 unconference sessions, and help us design the day with what matters most to you.


    Location: Khum Kham International Convention Center

    Nong Pa Khrang, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Changwat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand

    CA Asia Day 2 - the Unconference - Agenda

    08:30 - 09:00



    09:00 - 09:30

    Intro to the Unconference


    09:30 - 11.00

    Unconference session 1 & 2


    11:00 - 11:30

    Coffee break


    11:30 - 01:00

    Unconference session 3 & 4


    13:00 - 02:15 Lunch


    14:30 - 15:50

    Unconference session 5 & 6


    15:50 - 16:20

    Coffee break


    16:20 - 16:55

    The Unconference summary


    16:55 - 17:15

    CU Asia wrap Up and next Steps


    17:15 - 19:30

    Rest and refresh


    19:30 - 23:00

    Closing party


    Excursion Day

    Feb 12, 2017 (Sun)

    You're in Chiang Mai Thailand, after all, so don't forget your healthy dose of temple visits, great food food, nature and Thai famous hospitality! Sign up for our post-conferences excursions, and you'll figure out why the world calls Thailand 'the land of smiles'.


    More details here.

  • Speakers

    A first look of our line-up:

    Amarit Charoenphan

    Founder and Co-CEO of Hubba Thailand

    Amarit Charoenphan is a startup ecosystem builder, serial events organizer, and entrepreneur. He is actively building the Thai startup community through events and workshops, and was Thailand Country Host for Geeks on A Plane Southeast Asia tour, on top of the 100+ events he's organized in the past 2 years.

    Arnaud Bonzom

    Director of Corporate Innovation at 500 Startups

    Arnaud is an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD. A prolific speaker, he sheds light on the often overlooked, yet active approach by corporates to tap into the minds (and indeed, businesses) of entrepreneurs. His work has received extensive media coverage in Forbes, Bloomberg, Les Echos and other media.

    Juliette Morgan

    Juliette is the tech property specialist at Cushman & Wakefield, one of the largest commercial real estate services firms with revenues of $5 billion. She specialises in positioning property product for tech and creative companies.

    Pieter Levels

    Nomad List Founder

    Pieter is the founder of Nomad List, a website to find the best places in the world to live and work remotely, and Remote OK, one of the biggest remote jobs sites. He's been working on bootstrapping startups while traveling on and off for the last 3 years.

    Mike LaRosa

    Publisher at Coworkaholic.com

    Co-Founder of Communitas

    Mike is the brain behind Coworkaholic.com, a media company, dedicated to all things shared workspace. He designs dynamic and engaging sponsorable content, programs and products paired with innovative marketing campaigns.

    Steve Munroe

    Co-founder of Hubud and CAAP

    Steve is passionate on exploring how work practices are changing and how education can help people take control of their lives, pursue their passions and find their place in an increasingly borderless world. He co-founded Hubud, Bali's first coworking space, and pioneered the Coworking Aliance of Asia Pacific.

  • Partners

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  • Media & Outreach Partners

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    Coworkaholic is where you go for news, learning and inspiration on the future of work.

    Deskmag is the magazine documenting the changing look and function of coworking spaces and the movement.


    You don't need to trust us. See what others have to say.

    Alex Hillman

    Founder of IndyHall, Philadelphia

    “CUAsia is, hands down, the best coworking conference I've attended on the planet. I'm pleased and proud to have shared the experience with all of you!
    Clearly, lots of intent and thoughtful planning made this event enjoyable and meaningful for all of us.”

    Michaela Anchan

    Founder of Woolf Works, Singapore

    “Loved the vibe and loved coming away with a list of awesome Ideas to work on in my coworking space. ”

    Cynthia Satrya-Hasan

    Co-founder of Coworkinc, Indonesia

    “You guys are the reason why we believe that coworking and its spirit needs to be heard and introduced to more people.”

    Jeff LaFlamme

    Founder of Angkor Hub, Cambodia

    “It was an amazing event! I met people with similar experience, people with the same mission, people with the same dreams. I felt a part of an awesome family.”

    Rebecca Collins

    Digital Nomad

    “It was really refreshing to be reminded of what this movement is all about. It's awesome to see how connected coworking communities are here in Bali, and I'm excited to visit the rest of you while I nomad around to see what's going on in other parts of the world."

    Jay Kim

    Rehoboth Global Project Manager

    "It was my first time to attend the CU Asia gathering this year. For me, it was a life changing experience. I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people from all over the world with similar DNA to me. Technology is allowing us to so many amazing things that we never thought could be possible in the past. By spending 3 days at the conference, it has led to friendships and partnerships that can be continued on-line from far away. This is awesome! I’m so proud of this community!"


    Adam Teterus

    Prodigious Point Man at Indy Hall

    Adam Teterus is the Prodigious Point Man for Indy Hall, a coworking community in Old City. As a leader of the longest-running coworking space in the USA, he teaches skills needed to operate and maintain a collaborative, sustainable community. Adam firmly believes that all good things begin and end with an invitation to participate. He also firmly believes that comics are way cool and that Marvel's Man-Thing is criminally underrated.

    Adrian Palacios

    Cofounder of Nexudus

    Adrian is a software and hardware engineer with passion to do things differently. He is the co-founder and technical lead at Nexudus, an end-to-end platform to manage many of the processes happening in coworking and shared workspaces.
    Adrian and his team are always on the lookout for anything which may make the life of space managers and members easier in their day to day in the space. Client or not, Adrian is always willing to offer advice and his views so make sure you take this chance to pick his brain.

    Alex Hillman

    Co-founder of Indy Hall

    Co-founder of Indy Hall, one of the longest running coworking communities in the world. The creator and lead instructor of the Community Builder Masterclass, an intensive bootcamp-style course that teaches community leaders, managers, and corporations how to build a robust and powerful culture that scales for anything from a neighborhood association to a coworking space to a Fortune 50 business.

    Alex Lang

    CTO & Co-Founder of Cobot

    Alex Lang is the CTO and Co-Founder of Cobot, a web-based management software designed for coworking spaces, and Co.up, one of the first coworking spaces in Berlin, Germany. He developed Cobot together with Thilo Utke, to meet the needs of their own coworking space. Since then, Cobot has helped other space managers across five continents to streamline their business and have more time for their coworkers.

    Akshit Mehta

    Founder of Vorq Space

    Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. His extensive advisory experience on issues of strategy, driving performance improvement, change management, organization building and human capital development helps him play the role of a friend and advisor to various startups. VORQ SPACE is his newest venture which he is woking at making the next big sensation by implementing his vision with sheer perseverance and hard work.

    Anil George

    Senior Manager Operations at 91springboard

    Anil George is the Head of Hub Operations at 91springboard, India’s largest coworking community. A fellow from the Young India Fellowship’s Liberal Arts Programme (Ashoka University/University of Pennsylvania), ex-Consultant at Mu Sigma and ex-programmer at eBay, he is passionate about systems, startups and sports. Anil is also part of ‘The History Project’, a social enterprise working across Delhi, Lahore, London and Boston to bridge narratives of history taught in Indian and Pakistani school textbooks.

    Ashish Goenka

    Founder of Mingle

    Ash is the founder of Mingle, the largest coworking space in Mumbai, with a fully equipped state of the art events facility, an in-house VC and incubator, and a Montessori themed crèche. Mingle's Mumbai space is the first of hopefully several Mingles around India and Asia. 


    Brad Krauskopf

    Brad Krauskopf activates spaces that grow the collaborative capacity of individuals, businesses and cities. He is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker. As CEO of Third Spaces Group, Brad is committed to catalysing a national network of smart work hubs that changes the way Australia works. Since 2011, he has founded Hub Australia, CoActiv8 and Platform3 to help realise this goal.  

    Brittnee Bond

    Community manager at Punspace

    Brittnee studied law in college and worked as an intellectual property paralegal in the US for six years. Since moving away from the US, she has been working with co-living and co-working spaces, organizing and running retreats, setting up marketing campaigns and leading community outreach. She’s currently spicing things up for Punspace in Chiang Mai, doing community outreach and business development.

    Bryan Stewart

    Co-Founder of Outpost

    He’s spent much of his career brokering and advising venture capital and private equity investments around Asia. After a decade in Jakarta and Shanghai, he now focuses his experience and resources on developing Outpost into a destination for people wanting to take their businesses to the next level.

    Charle Charoenphan

    Co-CEO & Co-founder, HUBBA

    Charle is a serial entrepreneur and a co-founded HUBBA, a coworking space in Thailand. Passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others, he co-created HUBBA, which is creating rapid changes to Thailand's Startup Ecosystem, bringing innovator together, breaking down walls and creating opportunities for the next generations.

    Christoph Hammer

    President & CEO of ThinPrint Cloud Services

    After more than a decade working as technical consultant and project manager with traditional companies in old-school office settings, Christoph decided in 2015 that it was time for a change. He now leads the development of an internet-based print management service designed for coworking spaces. If you want to know why Christoph thinks that doing dishes and printing have a lot in common, just ask him.

    Conrad Tracey

    General Manager of The Dream Factory

    Conrad is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep interest in problem solving, leadership, community and helping people prosper. His personable, dedicated and friendly approach has seen him become a thought leader in the Australian start­up, music and coworking community. Conrad joins the Inspire 9 team in 2017 as General Manger of the companies exciting new project "The Dream Factory".

    David Abraham

    Co-Founder of Outpost

    David is the co-founder of Outpost, the spacious co-working facility in Bali, and an award-winning author. He is Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, and previously ran a water-focused non-profit, starting offices in Uganda, US and Japan. He’s also worked on Wall Street, in energy trading and in the White House.

    Elizabeth Wu

    Co-founder and CEO of Trehaus

    An educator by training, Elizabeth started her teaching career with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. She later co-founded an enrichment business where she served as Curriculum Director for the centre. A mother to two homeschooling boys and one girl, Elizabeth is serving as Co-Founder and COO at Trehaus, Singapore’s first family-friendly co-working space.

    Faith Bogue

    Marketing Manager at Collision 8

    A TEDx Speaker, Marketing Strategist, and Non-Profit Board Member, Faith lends her natural flair for storytelling to help companies and organizations effectively communicate their brands. She is currently working as the Marketing Manager at Collision 8, a Singapore-based co-working space and innovation hub, building on several years of experience in marketing, public relations, and event planning in both the US and Singapore markets.

    Felicia Hargarten

    Co-founder of DNX

    Felicia and her cofounder Marcus strive to enable 13,000,000 people to break free from the conventional system and unfold their real potential. DNX connects and supports Digital Nomads with events and online platforms.

    Grace Sai

    Co-founder of The Hub Singapore

    Grace is the CEO and Co-founder of Impact HUB Singapore, the country’s largest coworking community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and techies. With 20,000 ft2 of coworking space in the city, it is pioneering ways to build innovation ecosystems bottom-up; growing entrepreneurs through curated communities, coworking, funding, mentoring, international networks and access to corporates. More recently, Grace is leading the Hub Ventures Fund, an early-stage tech investment fund.

    Hyekyung Hwang

    Co-founder & Co-CEO of Hive Arena

    I am a Co-founder and co-CEO of Hive Arena, a coworking space based on techie community in Seoul. My passion is to build tech for good community to make positive impact socially. My background is hardware engineering. And I am interested in technology, woman, mental healthcare and social enterprise via online and offline community building. I am ready to build the community, “coworking South Korea” also. I am really happy to share the tips and information about setting the online, offline stage for creative collaboration.

    James Abbott

    Founder of KoHub

    As a digital nomad, James has traveled, lived and worked all over the world since 2004. Koh Lanta is now James' base, where the allure of work/life balance has called him back for many years. The Thai island was the natural choice for James to establish KoHub - a community focused tropical coworking space.

    Jeremy Lim

    Co-founder Workwander & Coworking Singapore

    Workwander is a mobile application for users to find co-working spaces based on location and book them by the hour.
    Coworking Singapore is a listing platform that aims to build a community of coworking space owners and users in Singapore.

    Johny Doan

    Community Host at Spacecubed and FLUX

    Johnny is passionate about supporting developing communities, working with a variety of non-for-profits in a number of sectors and has recently joined Spacecubed, as a Community Manager for FLUX.

    Jonathan O'Byrne

    Founder and CEO of Collective Works

    Jonathan is an entrepreneur, designer, investor and the founder of the coworking space Collective Works. Jonathan's work is rooted in the belief that you can improve the way people experience the world through design. His passion has led Collective Works to become Singapore's fastest growing coworking community. Jonathan's first book on coworking, titled 'Coworking Corp' is due to be published in a few short months.

    Jongjin Choi

    Co-founder & Co-CEO of Hive Arena

    I am co-founder and co-CEO of Hive Arena in Seoul. And I’m building a tech for good community to make positive change in Korean startup and tech scene and society. Now I have a plan to build the community ”coworking south Korea” I would like to meet some people want to live or stay in south Korea. In few years, I hope to build a coworking and coliving village in South Korea for digital nomads and techies.

    Kali Norman

    Business Development Coordinator at Spacecubed and FLUX

    Kali has 5 years of experience in stakeholder engagement and business development under her belt. She works across both Spacecubed and Flux to coordinate building long-term relationships and strengthening their membership base.

    Kate Kirwin

    Community Host & Events Coordinator at Spacecubed Australia

    Kate has been with Spacecubed since November 2014. As the Events Coordinator, Kate manages events and meeting room bookings, as well as some marketing, and community initiatives.

    Kavi Guppta

    Writer and Content Producer

    Kavi Guppta is a writer on labour transformation and is dedicated to helping young people navigate the future of employment. His work has been published in Forbes and Harvard Business Review amongst other publications. He lives in Fremantle, Western Australia.

    Kyrie Melnyck

    Co-Founder of 7in7 Conference

    Kyrie is an ocean loving digital nomad, freelance event consultant and Co-Founder of 7in7 Conference. A conference focused on making long term digital nomad life better, that is taking place over 7 years on all 7 continents (Antarctica too!)

    Lalitha Wemel

    Regional Manager of Asia Pacific at Techstars

    Lalitha Wemel is a community architect based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is incredibly passionate about fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities. She is currently the Regional Manager for Techstars Startup Programs across East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania, where she works with amazing community leaders to strengthen and empower their local startup ecosystem.

    Leanne Beesley

    Co-Founder & CEO of Coworker.com

    Leanne is co-founder of Coworker.com, the new "Tripadvisor for Coworking Spaces" launched in October 2015. Lover of technology, random adventures, ingenious collaborations and not-so-secret missions to change the world, she's lived outside of her native UK for most of the past 12 years, including Togo, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Mara Nepomuceno Fortich

    Mara is a co-founder of The Cosama Collective, the Philippines’ first surf-oriented coworking and co-living resort. She is the former Creative Officer of Nuworks Interactive Labs, Inc., and is committed to using her experience as a digital nomad to helping others transition to a location independent life, as well as educating rural communities about marketing and branding so they may promote their own businesses and further their livelihood.

    Marcus Meurer

    Co-Founder of DNX

    Marcus is a Digital Nomad by heart and started together with his girlfriend Felicia the global DNX movement. DNX enables the people to work from anywhere and regain the power to decide on their jobs, their time, and their life.

    Mario Berta

    Founder and CEO, FlySpaces.com​

    Founder and CEO of FlySpaces.com a tech-start up that empowers SMEs to get access to flexible office and retail space. True global professional with extensive experience in leadership, strategy, innovation and expansion. Passionate about empowering and enabling people, developing businesses, and supporting companies and institutions all around the World.

    Marta Moksa

    Managing Director of O4

    Managing Director of O4 - one of the biggest coworking spaces in Poland. Passionate about education, Marta is also a Board Member at School of Educational Mastery - unique educational proposal for Polish teachers.

    She's coming to CU Asia to network, cooperate and promote education and Gdańsk, where O4 is based in.

    Matt Kirk

    Marketing Coordinator for Spacecubed and FLUX

    Matt's approach to solving problems factors in an over looked component to the business machine, and that is people. Studying Anthropology has allowed him to bring an understanding of problems from a unique and fresh perspective, blending his experience in Journalism, PR and Content and transcending that into his role as Marketing Coordinator for Spacecubed and FLUX.

    Matthias Schueking

    Sourcing from rich experience in brand marketing, Matthias loves all things creative and digital. In his 15+ years at Unilever, he learned to uncover unique insights and translate them into brand stories for the likes of Dove and Axe. Following that, he was heading up marketing in APAC for Airbnb for 2 years. The German, who has been in Asia for the past 9 years, is now the CMO at The Working Capitol in Singapore.

    Melina Chan

    General Manager at Inspire9

    Melina has been involved in Inspire9 since its inception. After an AYAD placement in Cambodia, Melina cofounded the social enterprise Kinyei, where she worked on a group of community development projects to generate employment opportunities for young Cambodians.

    Michelle Woo

    General Manager of Impact HUB Singapore

    Michelle is the GM of Impact HUB Singapore – the country’s largest

    coworking community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and techies. As she highly regarded Impact HUB as a pioneer and innovator for coworking spaces, she jumped at the first opportunity to join the team. Today, Michelle has helped the business scale to two new locations. And she manages all the membership products that cater to Impact HUB Singapore’s community– from early-stage founders to billion-dollar ventures. Her next mission is to scale the business to a regional level.

    Michelle Yong

    Co-founder of Collision 8

    Michelle Yong triggers corporate innovation from within. Fourth generation leader of construction conglomerate Woh Hup, she built its property development arm Aurum Land to an award winning $100 million+ business. A foodie at heart, she has a background in strategy consulting and a degree in economics. Dedicated to bringing success to the next generation, Michelle started Collision 8 to help corporates like herself grow through innovation.

    Momon Fortich

    Momon is a co-founder of The Cosama Collective, the Philippines’ first surf-oriented co-working and co-living resort. With a culinary background and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Momon aims to bring a holistic approach to productivity by introducing fitness and health to the digital nomad lifestyle.

    Najiyyah Abrar

    General Office assistant at Spacecubed and FLUX

    Najiyyah is passionate about youth leadership and joined Spacecubed in May after participating in the Fogarty Leadership Conference. She currently looks after the space at both Spacecubed and FLUX and helps with administration tasks.

    Oko Davaasuren

    Regional Director of Asia at Techstars

    Oko is a director APAC, Startup Programs at Techstars. His work is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities. He helps entrepreneurs from inspiration to IPO and runs community focused programs such as Startup Weekend, Startup Next, Startup Week and Startup Digest. Oko is also a Co-Founder of Startup Mongolia, Mongolian NGO that organizes various programs, events and trainings for entrepreneurs and startups.

    Paul MacAndrew

    Country Manager of Regus Thailand

    Paul has extensive experience in Australia, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong & Singapore. During Paul’s 12 years at Regus proved to be an important contributor to the company’s marketing strategies, growth, sales and operations in the markets he has worked in.

    Since March 2016 Paul has been assigned to develop a national network in Thailand, which Regus is already Thailand’s number one flexible office provider.

    Rachel Teo

    Co-founder and CEO of Trehaus

     Prior to co-founding Trehaus, Rachel was Senior Manager of Channel Marketing with Microsoft Asia Pacific. Since becoming a mother of one boy, Rachel has felt the importance of changing the landscape of work-life balance. Serving as Co-Founder and CEO of Trehaus, Rachel currently oversees all operational and management aspects Singapore’s first family-friendly co-working space.

    Sheila Wong

    Account Manager at Gpayroll

    Love ideas, learning, thinking, books, cats, data, yoga, organic food, making friends and sharing happiness. Currently growing business for Gpayroll in HK, showing people how to make one of the most complicated thing (aka payroll) fun and easy!

    Risyiana Muthia (Sisie)

    Communication Manager of Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud]

    Sisie is passionate about community growth, media engagement, and storytelling in any form. She has been involved in the growth of Hubud since 2013, shaping and spreading the messages wide and far.

    Simon Ilsley

    CEO of MESH

    Simon has 25 years of software development under his belt and is passionate about producing user-focussed solutions using the latest software tools. As the CEO of MESH he and his team are dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of coworking spaces. He's excited to see where the Industry is headed and looks for ways to help spaces future-proof their businesses.

    Stephanie Arrowsmith

    Asia Pacific lead of StartSomeGood

    Stephanie loves cross-industry collaborations. She is currently based in Southeast Asia where she grows partnerships in the region. Stephanie is also involved in capacity-building with local changemakers who want to create positive impact in their communities through innovative crowdfunding campaigns. 

    Supranee Jaroenlersjanya (Poy)

    Community Curator, HUBBA Thailand

    Supranee had been working as a Community Builder at HUBBA Coworking Space in Thailand as her first career since 2012 when the word coworking was still new in Thailand.
    She strongly believes in the power of Coworking & Community and sharing ideas because it had shaped her into the person she is today.

    Varun Chawla

    Co-founder of 91springboard

    Varun is the co-founder of 91springboard - a collaborative environment transforming the start-up ecosystem across India and emerging markets. Springboard provides start-ups with work space, infrastructure & services, a platform to network and learn, customised incubation, and access to capital.

    Vitto Christaldi

    Head Coordinator of Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP)

    Events Maestro of Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud]

    Vitto is the Events Manager of HUBUD and the Head Coordinator of Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP). He has organised more than 1,000 events in the past 2.5 years, 430 events only in 2016. He is also the Party Captain of Invasion Ubud, the biggest monthly pool party series in Ubud, Bali.

    Yap Jia Hui

    Members' Liaison - Operations at Collision 8

    As a proud graduate of RMIT’s Bachelor in Professional Communications programme and a diploma holder in Nanyang Polytechnic’s Mass Media Management, Jiahui has built expertise in media, communications, and events with the likes of Mediacorp, Fremantle Asia and A+E Networks. She is currently taking on the role of Member’s Liaison at Collision 8, a coworking space and innovation hub in downtown Singapore, specializing in operations and events management.

  • Work and Play

    Having a conference in Chiang Mai, it would be a shame to have all work and no play. That's why we'll bring CU Asia participants on unforgettable excursions on the last day. The costs? On us!

    Natural Taste of Chiang Mai

    Beyond Chiang Mai's historic walls you'll soon find yourself in the lush green countryside of northern Thailand. Visit Doi Inthanon National Park also knows as "The Roof of Thailand" to see spectacular views, churning waterfalls and serene forests.

    Heritage Wonders

    Experience the merging of the past into the present in Chiang Mai where locals are proud of the city’s 700-year history. Visit one of over 200 Chiang Mai temples, meet fascinating indigenous hill tribes and discover classical Thai artworks.


    Got any question? Want more details? Ask. And we shall answer.



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